emacs (mostly GNU emacs)

etexshow (Browser for ConTeXt commands)

Download etexshow.tgz or etexshow.zip (40k) (version alpha 5c). This is a port of texshow to my favorite os (emacs). texshow is a browser for most ConTeXt commands. ConTeXt is a nice macro package for TeX. See my ConTeXt page for more information.

There are two screenshots to look at. Requirements for etexshow: emacs 21 or xemacs 21.4 and the tar or the zip archive. For a list of changes see the ChangeLog. User visible Changes in alpha 5: pgxml.el has changed. Please notice that you have to remove the old pgxml.* files. If you forget to do this, no commands will be displayed! The syntax of the configuration of the xml-files has changed. Please see inside the etexshow.el file. Hyperlink support added. Comments can now be in different languages.

There is a README.txt file with the installation instruction. If anything is unclear, please tell me. You can find my email address inside the file.

recent files menu

get recent.el version 1.0a (last change: oct. 14 2001) and you get a recent menu where your last files visited are listed. also gives (with m-x recent) a command line interface for accessing the last files.

tea timer

get tee.el version 0.1 and you have a tea timer in german (german tee = english tea) (invoke with m-x tee)

evening commander

warning: evening commander does not work with xemacs!

evening commander (ec/ec.el, gzipped version ec/ec.el.gz) is a midnight commander like file manager for emacs. this is version 0.96b4 (file revision 1.18). this is a beta version. there are some notes inside the file. please have a look at them first. there is still a whole lot todo! please contact me if you have some suggestions or bug reports. please include the file revision in your comments. thanx. the ec/ChangeLog is still empty (since this is the inital announcement). there is also a (list of bugs). licence: gpl (gnu general public licence, see http://www.fsf.org/copyleft/gpl.html)

if you want to have a working and better norton commander clone, try http://www.emacswiki.org/elisp/nc.el

using the extensions

to use the .el files just put them into an emacs load-path and say something like this in your .emacs

(require 'recent) ;; loads recent.el

if you would like to add a local load-path just put this into .emacs file

      (setq load-path
       (list  "~/prog/elisp" 

für deutschsprachige benutzer

gibt es eine referenzkarte für den emacs (emacs.pdf, ca. 46 kb, pdf) und für den gnus (gnus.pdf, ca 44 kb, pdf)

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